Trust and Responsibility

신뢰와 책임에 대한 포토옥션의 약속

"Trustworthy, transparent, and accountable."

뢰. 투명성. 책임.

포토옥션그룹은 고객, 파트너 및 직원 정보를 포함하여 포토옥션그룹의 모든 데이터를 보호하며 


예술 구매 프로세스와 기술 전반에 보안 기능을 갖추어 신뢰할 수 있는 네트워크 기반을 제공합니다.

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, there are more opportunities to connect—and more risks. When we all practise better security and privacy, everyone benefits. Our investments across people, processes, technology, and policies support the security, privacy and resilience of our services, our customers and the global ecosystem. 


  • Security: Protection of data, systems, and networks through embedded controls that enable only authorised use.

  • Privacy: Fair, transparent, and accountable processing of personal information.

  • Trust: The result of Photo Auction’s efforts to build and maintain credibility with customers.